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How to Bolster the Power of Your Advertising

And Save Time and Money



The Mission of PW Sawyer Consulting is to provide advertisers with a comprehensive analysis of their advertising before going to market or engaging in expensive and time-consuming research, which may be better suited for a later stage of development.   


The service is particularly useful for advertisers:

  • who are about to launch a new campaign;
  • whose ads have not been successful and who want to identify and understand which creative elements might be inhibiting their success and why, from a best-practices perspective;
  • who simply wish an in-depth review of the strengths and weaknesses of their advertisements, so that they can repeat what works and eliminate what does not. 


Our goal is to provide clients with the most in-depth and efficient means to gauge advertising effectiveness and understand which creative elements are most likely to bolster or diminish the power of their advertising.  


The Premise 

Many advertisers spend a great deal of money producing advertising that does not work. Almost invariably the problem is not the medium (television, magazines, the internet) but weak creative execution. To counter the problem, some advertisers, wisely, conduct research . . . which can be very expensive.


Advertisers can save a great deal of time and money when they work with an advertising-effectiveness expert who offers objective, comprehensive evaluations of their ads. Moreover, unlike traditional ad-research firms, once we agree to work together we will send you a report within days (rather than weeks or months), again, saving time and money when your goal is to evaluate your ad as quickly as possible. 


And it's the perfect early-warning signal to avoid wasting the time involved with running an ad that a best-practices approach can quickly and inexpensively identify as unlikely to work. 



The Background

PW Sawyer has spent 30 years as an advertising-effectiveness expert, working for leading international marketing- and advertising-research firms and offering analysis and advice to many of the leading advertisers in the world. (See the tab About PW Sawyer to read some of the articles that have been written by or about him.) Over that span he has developed a series of advertising-effectiveness principles that are continuously refined and that inform his comprehensive analysis of advertising.


How it Works 

After a discussion of the aims and goals of your advertising and a no-cost review of your ads to determine if we can help, you send the ads to us (up to five at one time) and within three days we will send you a comprehensive analysis of your ads. The amount of time required and the fee will depend on the number of ads you wish to have analyzed.  


The Product

The primary focus of the report will be on the elements that are most or least likely to attract and maintain your audience's attention and engagement (both intellectual and emotional) when the ads are in market. And the report will clearly explain what is working, what is not working, and, perhaps most important, why -- based on three decades of advertising-research experience.


The report will feature a clear, concise explanation of best-practices principles and how they apply specifically to your advertising. 


The Benefits:

  • Save time:  by eliminating the often lengthy early stages of conducting research. 
  • Save money:  by not having to pay a research firm to interview scores of people to tell you what PW Sawyer Consulting already knows from 30 years of advertising research.
  • Get clear advice and direction: which even the best-known researchers rarely provide.
  • Team up with an expert with a rare level of expertise: an objective third-party source who has vast experience in both neursocience and traditonal, survey-based research. 


The Guarantee 

If you are not happy with the final report, you will receive a 75% refund. 






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