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A Love Affair Gone Right

By Philip W. Sawyer



An in-depth analysis of the great, Buick Hmm ad ("That's not a Buick"), and an investigation into the efficacy and validity of neuroscience research -- exploring not only how we know that this is a great ad, but also the elements that make it great and the lessons that advertisers can learn from it.

What Works With Online Creative + Blunders to Avoid: Exclusive Interview With Ad Expert Phil Sawyer

Marketing Sherpa


MARKETING SHERPA SUMMARY: Do you think you really captured a visitor’s attention with that online ad? Is the headline too small? Is there a dominant image? Did you brand your name early enough to be remembered?


Find out what really works in our exclusive interview with ad expert Phil Sawyer, who studied the behavior of thousands of Web visitors participating in a special survey of ads from 16 top marketers.   Plus, a look at the good ads and the ones that bombed.

Internet Advertising, The Perverse Effect, and That Damned Mr. Whipple

By Philip W. Sawyer for MediaPost



Excerpt: "Not long ago, a major newspaper devoted its advertising column to the well-known online LowerMyBills.com "dancing cowboys" ad. The article ruminated on a seeming contradiction: An advertising campaign that had annoyed the daylights out of Internet users was also deemed a "surprising success." How could this be?"

Why Most Digital Ads Still Fail to Work

By Philip W. Sawyer, for Advertising Age



Digital advertising will continue to fail to live up to expectations as long as digital advertisers fail to understand the unique nature of the medium -- and that it is, in many ways, inimical to advertising. The article offers some observations on the elements in digital advertising that impede effectiveness. 

Five Important Lessons About Effective Advertising Brought to you by The Super Bowl 

By Philip W. Sawyer



Examples and analyses of some of the top performing Super Bowl ads of recent years. 

What's Wrong with Print Advertising?

By  Philip W. Sawyer for Advertising Age



An argument that what's wrong with print advertising is not that the medium fails to deliver engaged eyeballs, but that the creative executions fail to exploit the potential in the medium and ignore the principles of effective advertising.  

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