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Testimonials about PW Sawyer

Phil Sawyer is a gift to advertisers. Over the course of several decades, he has excelled at uncovering the principles of effective advertising across multiple media. 


Phil’s goal is always to make sure that his clients know what’s working well, what’s not, and how they can make improvements to get the most out of their advertising. His insights are grounded in truth as evidenced by research, and always creative friendly. That’s a rare blend. 


He is a terrific speaker who captivates audiences.  And his writing is equally top-drawer.

Edward M. Keller

CEO The KellerFay Group






During several years when I was heavily involved in advertising development and research in the U.S. and Asia, I came to rely on Phil Sawyer's keen talent.


He provided us with detailed guidance to help us optimize our advertising prior to our spending considerable funds to subsequently test them. His guidance reduced the chances that we would then have to go back into test a second time.


We also relied on his consultative skills when we did not have the time and/or funds to test but wanted the ad(s) to work as hard as they could for us by applying his principles from years of experience in copy testing.


Phil has the ability to effectively communicate to various client teams making it easy for researchers, marketers, and creative professionals to work together to implement his suggestions.

Robin Pearl,

Formerly Senior Researcher at CPG companies






My clients walked out on Phil Sawyer’s presentation.


Phil was delivering his well-known presentation on The Principles of Effective Advertising to senior marketing executives of one of the world’s largest financial-services companies, based in New York City.  Surprisingly, two of them rushed out of the room before Phil gave his closing remarks. 


Why?  They wanted to tell their advertising agency to “stop the presses” on all creative in the pipeline so that the ads could first be evaluated in light of Phil’s insights. 


This was the epitome of action-oriented insights, and the client was very impressed and very grateful.

Roy Baldassari

Principal, Baldassari-Research Associates

Former Senior Vice President, Financial Services Research, GfK 






Most people are either strictly right-brain or left-brain in their orientation, but Phil Sawyer offers the rare combination of great intuition and an ability to rely on objective fact.  This makes him extremely effective at evaluating the quality of advertising and other creative content. 


Phil can understand the numbers that tell us whether or not a piece of creative is effective, but also has the intuition to understand why and the skills to communicate his insights to a wide variety of audiences. He’s one of the best writers and public speakers you’ll ever find.  


He is the kind of guy you want to have on your team, and he’s often been on mine.

Brad Fay

COO of The KellerFay Group.

Past Chairman of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)




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